A New Day

I’m excited! Totally pumped!!! This is the best week in years!!!!! In just one day, the United States will have a president in the White House who will not condone the murder of innocent lives. We will have a president who does not pardon traitors. Our new president will respect, and even appreciate, the members of our armed forces and veterans. No longer will Americans suffer at the whims of a president with a globalist, leftist agenda. Yes, I am over the moon excited!

For eight long years, the president, his wife, his appointed leaders, feminist activists, and countless others have not only condoned the slaying of unborn babies, they have promoted abortion as a best practice method of removing a mere inconvenience from a woman’s life. While the abortion rate has decreased and is at its lowest point in years, the current administration has done nothing to encourage this. Instead, they have continued to fund, through taxpayer dollars, the abhorrent practice of abortion.

Just this week, our current president commuted the sentence of a known traitor. This is someone who violated the trust of the military, his fellow brothers in arms, and the American people. While some believe that whistleblowers should be protected, Manning was far more than a simple whistleblower. When a corporation is participating in an illegal activity for gain or that activity would cause harm to people, we need to protect those who would reveal the truth. But security is paramount when the United States Armed Forces are engaged in protecting Americans and American interests.

During his two term administration, the United States has become just another member of the global community rather than the powerful sovereign nation we once were. We’ve adopted a globalist agenda that has led us on the downward spiral toward our demise. This has become evident when one looks at the Common Core system of education that no longer teaches our children basic skills, but instead collects private data from children and families. We see clear examples of this agenda in how local governments are catering to the decrees of the Agenda 2030 program from the United Nations. And we are paying for our decline with borrowed money; the national debt has doubled in eight years.

Yes, I’m incredibly excited about Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017. It reminds me of a past Inauguration Day – January 20, 2009 – when Barack Obama was first sworn in as president. Since I was teaching a group of homeschooled students about their government, we used our class time to watch the ceremonies. This group of students came from conservative families and they, too, were not excited about the incoming president. However, any inauguration is history in the making, so we watched.

As with any such ceremony, it was gloriously exciting and filled with pomp and circumstance. That is, it was until the benediction. In case you’ve forgotten it, I’m attaching a youtube link below. This prayer was offered by Reverend Joseph Lowery. The prayer lasts approximately six and half minutes, and is really rather typical of such prayers – until the five minute mark.

I like a good laugh. If laughter is really the best medicine, I would never be sick. I love it when someone shares a good story and we laugh together. And I enjoy making others laugh with a joke or tale. Under the right circumstances, I even like laughing at myself. I enjoy laughing with others, and I despise anyone laughing at others in meanness or spite. A prayer at a solemn occasion under serious circumstances is not a time for laughter (see Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3).

When Reverend Lowery began his rhyme regarding various racial groups, it was not funny, but offensive. Even my younger students, 12-15 years old, saw this as rude. What we didn’t realize at the time was that this would mark the beginning of the most racially divisive time since the 1960’s. This irreverent prayer was foreshadowing events to come in the next eight years.

While President Obama professed to want racial equality, what he really wanted was for all races to be elevated above Caucasians. It became evident that the only way to make things level was to elevate minority groups while simultaneously making things more difficult for white Americans. Over the next eight years, nothing was equal as it concerned race.

In one day, this will be over. I’m not good at prognosticating and have no idea what a Trump term will look like, but I have high hopes. I’m as hopeful now as anyone was eight years ago. The tables are just turned in the opposite direction. I know there are many people who are not pleased with the election of Donald Trump, just as I, and many others, were not pleased with the election of Barack Obama. However, to wish and hope for anything other than complete success is like hoping the pilot of the airplane you’re riding crashes just because you don’t like him. Just as I have prayed for President Obama, I hope you’ll join me in praying for the incoming President Trump.


~Temerity Dowell