The Peaceful Transfer of Power

Today is such a wonderful day! If you’ve read prior columns I’ve written, you know that I’m about as conservative as a Republican can be. But today is not at all about being a Republican. Today is far bigger than any political party can be.

Today, January 20, 2017, is Inauguration Day. For a political junkie, such as me, this is the equivalent to the football fan’s Super Bowl, and the baseball fan’s World Series. At my house, we will celebrate all day long. My son and I will stare at the TV much like football fans watch their teams. We’ll be out with friends tonight celebrating into the wee hours.

Of course, because I am a conservative Republican, and because my candidate won, I’m celebrating this day a little more than usual. You probably do the same when your team wins the World Series. But I hope you understand that I would celebrate this day regardless of who the winner of the election was. Today, every American was the winner, even if they don’t realize it.

Today, the peaceful transfer of power will take place in our nation’s capital. This is no small thing. To the contrary, this is a dream that people in other nation’s envy. Today in Washington DC, past presidents and their spouses, including Hilary Clinton, will be present to support the incoming administration. The men and women on the platform do not all align politically with the President-elect, but they do understand the process and importance of the inauguration.

Today, no one will be in fear of a rogue, and un-elected, general taking command of the government. There will be no hostile takeover of the White House. The incoming administration was elected in a free and fair process by the citizens of this nation. How many other nations in the world can celebrate those things? There are people around the world who have never witnessed the process of a free election, who’ve never had the opportunity to campaign for the candidate of their choice, who fear for their nation each time there is any conflict with their leaders. We don’t realize just how good we’ve got it as Americans.

Eight years ago, after drilling information regarding their government into their sweet heads, I wanted my students to see the Inauguration Day ceremony. Rather than meeting for class that day, we headed to one family’s home and watched the events together. It didn’t matter whether it was a Republican or Democrat. What mattered was that the American people had voted for a candidate and he was taking the oath of office to serve faithfully. Iraq, Iran, Cuba, China, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia, among others, should be so fortunate.

Inauguration Day is a beautiful thing. While you are watching the ceremony, regardless of your political affiliations, I encourage you to pause for a moment. Consider how different your life would be as a citizen of another nation. Would you get to elect your government? Could ruthless leaders be recalled? How would you be treated as a minority? Would a disagreement among leaders result in a civil war or great economic depression? If you think you’d be better off there, Delta is ready when you are. Good luck and Godspeed.

America is far from perfect. There are so many problems that it’s hard to determine how to start of list of them. Social issues, financial woes, leaders who lack integrity, and families that are broken into pieces only scratch the surface. Yet, those are problems that every other nation faces, too. But we’ve got one thing that many other nations do not – Inauguration Day – the peaceful transfer of power. Happy Inauguration Day, America!


~Temerity Dowell


PS –  As I write this, I’ve just learned that the newly elected leader of Gambia, a republic in West Africa, held their Inauguration Ceremony earlier today. The former president refused to attend and will not step down from his office due to election irregularities. United Airlines can take you there.


K’s and Coffee

“Don’t go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Mom’s pulled out her copy of The Constitution and she’s watching the news.”

-A conversation I overheard from my sons

While that conversation took place several years ago, it could just as easily have happened today. I had not even had a cup of coffee yet (that is strike one) when I turned on the morning national news. The reporter stated that our president (anything with this president means another strike) has a different philosophy on leadership than that listed in The Constitution. We knew this, but what he said next brought about strike three.

The most recent lunacy is not a new one, however. The president has stated before that he feels the most important part of his leadership will be found in how he deals with the most important issue: climate change.

Apparently, the most important part of his presidency and leadership has nothing to do with terrorism, radical Islam, $18 trillion in national debt, an underfunded national defense, illegal immigration, porous borders, or anything else that is working to destroy our nation.

The most important thing to him is saving the world from its natural cycle of heating and cooling. Of course, we could be saved from the burgeoning carbon dioxide levels if everyone would simply quit exhaling. Just don’t even concern yourself with the fact that no living plant can survive without carbon dioxide. Plants, you understand, are the things that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

We could also require that everyone ride bicycles or walk rather than driving cars in an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide. But then, when people exert themselves by riding bicycles or walking, they exhale more carbon dioxide than they do while sitting in a car.

Mr. President, please go focus on something worth our focus, like national security. Meanwhile, I’m going back for another cup of coffee.

~Temerity Dowell