Certain Inalienable Rights

“…that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

I’ve been thinking about the statement from our Declaration of Independence above for the last few weeks. A strange series of circumstances recently led me to serve on a committee of patriots working toward endorsing candidates for the upcoming primary elections. The first question these candidates were asked on a survey was, “From where do we derive our rights?” so I’ve thought about this quite a bit.

The level of stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to candidates. One moron answered, “From The Constitution and the blood of patriots who paid the ultimate price in protecting our freedoms.” I have middle school students who know why this is incorrect.

“I’ve taught the Constitution to more students than I remember, and I keep a pocket copy of it on me everywhere I go. I’ve had family members who have died serving our nation, and I have family members who are currently serving.” Yet, the candidate’s answer was still incorrect.

He who gives, can take away. Job said this, and he probably was the first to ever say it, millennia ago as is recorded in Job 1:21. “…the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” This is not vague or gray. Any good parent knows that when they give their child something and the child misuses it, we can take it back from them. God is the best parent of all.

Government, however, is the worst. How many times have we heard of an organization which lost their government funding and had to close because of it? How many times have we heard of a veteran who expected his VA benefits to pay for something it had in the past, but it did not? How many times have we heard of the government threatening to take away federal dollars if a state didn’t abide by a new law? He who gives, can take away.

Look back and read the statement from the Declaration again. Then answer the question “From where do we derive our rights?” I hope you correctly surmised that they are from our Creator. From Him, I have a right to defend myself from any form of evil, so I keep a gun in arm’s reach when I’m away from my home. From Him, I have a right to worship how I want to, or even not to worship if I so choose. From Him, I have a right to marry who I want, raise my family how I want, work where and for whom I want, eat, breathe, drink, and do a million other things how, when, and where, I want. No government, nor any man, can take those rights from me. They are “unalienable,” unable to be taken away.

This morning I read an article (linked below) concerning a new anti-terrorism law that has passed both legislative chambers in Russia and is awaiting a response from President Vladimir Putin. After the last few months we’ve had in America and around the world, another anti-terrorism law must surely be a good idea, right?

This law, however, reaches in to remove an unalienable right to worship. It removes the right for anyone in Russia to discuss anything regarding religion outside of a recognized religious building. No one can invite another person to church, no one can discuss their religious beliefs, and no one can even practice their religion in their home with others. This may sound acceptable if it means that, for example, the Radical Muslims or the Black Panther Party, can’t do these things, but it applies to EVERY religious group, including Christians.

If the Russian government can prosecute a person for holding a house church in their living room, government is assuming it has a right to control something that is unalienable. They are way over their boundary!

I wonder what the candidate referenced above would say about this law? Would he find it reasonable for the government to establish this? Using his own logic, he’d have to. But you, dear reader, now know better. America is not the only place in which our Creator has endowed people with unalienable rights. I sincerely hope that the people of Russia, who have been persecuted for centuries, do, too.


~Temerity Dowell





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