Applied Civics 102

In perusing social media outlets for the past few days, I’ve noticed a trend in bashing Republican leadership, SEC members, and the Republican Party in general, due to the State Executive Committee meeting held in Nashville this past weekend. Let me offer some examples:

I believe you were very misleading in your post, too bad you have fallen victim to the establishment.

I don’t think you were truthful. There are too many people, as well as the media, reporting the opposite of your story. People were locked out, delegates were changed. I will not support the RNC anymore.

The GOP is getting as bad as the [Democrats], the very reason I predicted Trump would do well from the beginning! People are tired of not being represented! Or misrepresented!

TN is controlled by corrupt upper level establishment Republicans and we just can’t seem to root them out yet.

They did not have enough room for the public to go in and see what was happening. It was done intentionally because they knew many people were coming, but they did not want any bystanders.

At best this is a perceptional cluster and unethical behavior in the Tennessee GOP, and will hurt unifying us against democrats and Hillary.*

This is very disturbing. I know for a fact that some of the posts I’ve read are written by people who have never darkened the door of a political or governmental meeting in their life. Yet, suddenly, they have become experts on how delegates are elected, sunshine laws, the Republican Party by-laws, and what the “right thing to do” actually is.

Conversely, there are many who have been involved with the process for years and know far more about political procedure than I ever will. While I have appreciated their wisdom and activism, it’s unfortunate that many of them believed lies that were being spread by persons with a clear bias. Between these two groups, I have yet to decide which is worse.

In the last ten years, when I first became interested and started following political and governmental matters, I’ve learned many things. I’ve learned that there are always at least two sides to every single story, to every piece of legislation, and to every situation. Always! Sometimes there are even more than two sides. Before I cast judgment and form an opinion on anything, I always try to learn both sides of the story. I’m not always successful. I still have strong opinions on some issues and, frankly, don’t give a flip what the other side says. I do try, though.

Sadly, there are many people who did not bother to check both sides of the story before spreading untruths regarding the meeting last Saturday. They have not always looked into every side of the story, and there really are several different sides in this one. They are often completely unaware of the facts and have resorted to spreading their opinion as well as the opinions of others rather than factual information. Apparently, this was not restricted to Tennessee. Similar situations have been reported in other states.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself if you, or others you know, may have been guilty of spreading falsehoods, intentionally or not. Have you discussed the matter personally with your own, or another, SEC member (although their contact information was removed from the website earlier this week, it has been re-posted)?

I implore you to please get to the bottom of the matter. Do so quickly! We cannot afford to allow our party and our nation to fall at the hands of rumor and innuendo. Stop getting all of your information from Facebook, Twitter, and the evening news. Find out what really happened and spread the truth liberally!


~Temerity Dowell


*The quotes here were taken directly from various Facebook posts. I did not include names in order to protect the privacy of others. I only edited them for the sake of good grammar, spelling, and clarity.


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