Turn Around, Bright Eyes!

Let’s preface this post with a few essential notes.

  1. I hate it when the weather is a factor in my plans. Outside of determining what clothing I should wear for the day, I rarely allow weather related factors to determine whether or not I will show up. In other words, I show up!
  2. I’m a bad driver in the snow. I’m one of the few people, even in the south, to admit this freely, but I understand that admitting your problem is the first step toward recovery. “Hi, I’m Temerity, and I drive badly in the snow.”
  3. I love to dance. I’m not a great dancer, but I love it all the same. And tonight is dance night.
  4. I broke my toe a couple of years ago and have a great deal of trouble wearing closed-toe shoes. Being the rebel I am, I wear cute sandals most of the time, even in the dead of winter. I’ve even worn a faux fur coat with jeans and sandals – often.
  5. I always listen to music when I drive. It makes me calm before I get to where I’m going.


So this afternoon I decided to make a quick trip home to check my pets, change clothes, and go dancing. While driving home, it started snowing. AGAIN! The road crews had worked diligently yesterday, and the roads were clear and dry when I left home this morning. As I got closer to home, I could already see that there was some snow sticking to the road. I got in the house, fed my dogs, and grabbed a quick dinner.

Then it was time to get dressed. I pulled out something fabulous – some cute slacks that flow well and fan out at the ankles, perfect for a dance floor. The top was navy blue with gold sequins on the front. I topped it off with some great lipstick and gold earrings to complement the sequins on the blouse. It looked so good, which is really quite rare for me! My hair even hopped right into place. An extra coat of mascara, and I was ready to go dancing.

When I got in the car to back out into the driveway, everything fell apart.

My automatic garage door is not working quite right. Occasionally, it catches on something when it is closing and reopens. I had backed into the driveway and hit the button to close it when it caught the first time. I stopped it, restarted it, and it caught again. I had to get out of my car to manually push the door down. By this point, there was another ½ inch of snow on the ground, in addition to the snow from yesterday.

Wearing my cute slacks and sandals, I opened the door, encouraged my dog to go back inside, and closed the door. As I got back in the car, I put the garage door opener back on the sun screen. That’s when I inadvertently bumped the “open” button again. The door I’d just closed began opening again. I stopped it, restarted it, and it got jammed again. So again, I got out of the car, and manually closed the door after encouraging the dog, once again, to go back inside.

This should have been enough to make me realize that I needed to stay home. While I try most of the time to listen to the Holy Spirit, I rarely do. Sometimes I’m even so ornery as to tell Him to leave me alone. Indeed, I did not listen this time either.

So I pulled out of my driveway and headed toward the dance studio. The snow was really coming down, and even though I had pulled into the driveway only half an hour earlier, my tire tracks were already covered. The road was questionable by this time. In many places it was just fine, but some places were already covered in snow with some ice, too. Again, this should have been enough to make me realize I needed to stay home. Refer to point 1 above. I was going dancing.

The further I drove, the worse it got. As I slid part of the way through a stop sign, I looked at an adjacent road that was completely covered in snow and usually impassable in bad weather. I turned and headed on toward town.

As the road got worse, it occurred to me that if I had a wreck, I would hate myself for having been so stupid. I would probably start crying while I was freezing in my car. As I got out of my car, the extra coat of mascara would run down my face and drip onto my cute white slacks. I would have to trudge through the snow in my sandals to find help. I’d probably wreck as I slid down a nearby hill, so I’d have to climb back up the hill, in the snow, in my sandals, to the nearest house. They would see the mascara all over my face and on my cute white pants! Yet, I kept driving.

I had only gone about four miles from home (yes, my mind really does work this fast, even if I’m driving in bad weather and should really be focused on the road) and was trying to decide which thought was going to prevail. Would I head back home in fear? Would I continue to let stubbornness rule the night and go into town, only to wreck on the way home? Was it fear that was making me think I should turn around, or was the Holy Spirit really trying to get to me and make me listen? I really am pretty dense sometimes.

Then it happened. The music changed to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Do you remember it? The first two words are “Turn around…” That was all I needed at this point. I pulled in the next driveway, turned around, and headed back home!

It was a wise decision. The roads were already worse than they were when I’d left. By the time I reached my driveway, my tire tracks had been covered once again. I opened the garage door, drove in, and hit the button to close it behind me (would love to tell you that it closed perfectly this time, but it did not).

I’m home for the evening. I have a fire going downstairs and the gas stove heating the house. My dogs are fed and warm. I’m in pajamas enjoying a movie and a glass of wine.

Stay safe out there!


~Temerity Dowell

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