If we can save 1 child…

A couple of days ago, I woke up uncharacteristically early (to say I’m not a morning person is the understatement of the year) and immediately reached for my cell phone. I normally do not do this, but that day, I was glad I did. In the very early hours that morning, a friend had learned that his infant grandson had to be taken to the hospital. This precious baby is only a couple of months old, and his due date has yet to arrive. He was quite premature. As of this writing, his life hangs in the balance.

The meme in the photo above was posted on several social media pages yesterday. It clearly indicates that President Obama (yes, I did just throw up as I typed that) is concerned about saving the lives of children. “If I can save just one child’s life…” he opines. Of course, his means of saving that one life is via unconstitutional executive orders calling for strict gun control. Somehow, he must have missed the memo about the inability of a weapon to fire itself without benefit of human hands.

Our Dear Leader also seems unconcerned with the lives of over 1 million children who died last year at the hands of abortionists across the nation. One is forced to assume that the life lost in an abortion was unnecessary or lacked value while the life of a child lost to “gun violence” is a devastating blow to all of humanity.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans now have “free” healthcare. People who have never had access to good healthcare before now have to pay exorbitant fees because they cannot afford any healthcare at all. Once your insurance limits are reached, you are on your own in the event of a medical crisis.

This is the position that my friend’s grandson is in now. Due to the premature arrival of their baby, the insurance limits for their family have been reached. Earlier today, the hospital was prepared to send this infant home with no monitor on him to make sure he continued to breathe. It was only when he stopped breathing again that they decided to reexamine him and are now keeping him at the hospital for continued monitoring of his condition. The parents can’t afford this hospital stay, but they also cannot afford a home monitor. At least at the hospital, they will know if he stops breathing in the middle of the night.

This leads me to wonder, does President Obama care that his healthcare plan actually does little to help people or save lives? We already know he doesn’t care about those lives taken in an abortion. But heaven forbid anyone have a handgun to protect their own life.


~Temerity Dowell

PS. This family would certainly appreciate your prayers for their sweet grandson!

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