“The school is calling Noah, a biologically male student who wears a long brown wig, his chosen name of ‘Lila,’ although there’s been no change on the transgender student’s permanent record.

“The school initially offered ‘Lila’ a unisex bathroom that is large enough to serve as a dressing room. Lila wasn’t satisfied with separate facilities, private from both males and females, and insisted on being allowed to change in the female locker room. Lila claims separate facilities make ‘her’ feel ‘different.’”1

According to the online Mirriam-Webster Dictionary, the simple definition of “different” is:

: not of the same kind : partly or totally unlike

: not the same

: not ordinary or common

So then, Noah/Lila, you are different, and to say otherwise does not indicate your indignation, but your stupidity and lack of a working knowledge of the definition of “different.” I feel compelled to ask how it is that you are willing to walk around with male genitalia while wearing a long brown wig, something clearly “different” from the other males in the school, yet think it is unacceptable for school officials to treat you differently than they do anyone else. You are different. Wake up!

Clearly, gracious reader, I have not had enough coffee this morning to keep my outrage in check and my PC-o-meter under control. I can, however, confirm that the definition of a word is exactly the same now as it was forty years ago when I first learned it.

I think it is rather silly when people purposely do things to make themselves look or sound “different” but are unwilling to accept the responsibility of their actions and intentions. A firm believer in the First Amendment to The Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence, I absolutely agree with your right to say what you want and be what you want, so long as your actions do not infringe upon my rights. Parents have a right to ensure the safety of their school-aged daughters and make certain that they are safe, including in the locker room and restrooms.

“I wasn’t hurting anyone. I didn’t want to be in something gender-neutral,” [Noah/Lila] said, referring to the faculty bathroom. “I am a girl. I am not going to be pushed away to another bathroom.”2 You have a penis, Lila. You’re not a girl. I can show you the definition of “girl” if you like.

Every lifestyle choice comes with consequences. I chose to take up the lifestyle of a homeschooling mom. Consequently, I have lived with mostly one household income for most of my life. My son has taken on the lifestyle of serving in the US Marine Corps. He is required to keep his body physically fit and wear a certain style of clothing, even when off duty. It’s his choice.

Furthermore, both genders have a “cross to bear” of some sort.  Because I am a female, I have to wear specific clothing to look presentable to the public. While I certainly wouldn’t have chosen this, it was the hand dealt to me, so I have to don a bra every day of my life and be a little extra cautious when walking through a dark parking lot by myself. Men, meanwhile, have to deal with anatomical “uprisings” at inconvenient times. These are all typical consequences that we must face.

So Noah/Lila, kindly take your “different” self to either the men’s changing room or the unisex room that school officials provided for you, and leave our daughters’ locker room alone! If you want to carry out this transgender lifestyle, it, like any other lifestyle, will have natural consequences (both good and bad). No one is allowed to be so different as to avoid paying a price.

~Temerity Dowell




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