I am a Republican in principle. The policies outlined in the most recent GOP platform (2012) line up almost exactly with my personal views. While there are a few differences (promotion of the BBA, for example, which is really a stupid idea), I align on far more issues with the Republican Party than the Democrat Party. I also don’t believe that a third party is a good idea. While this idea has worked at the local level toward the election of some officials, it cannot work at the national level (there are many reasons for this, but that is for another blog post).

Even though I am a Republican, and the candidates in the current presidential race are the best fielded in the history of the party, I’ve been somewhat disappointed in this election cycle. There are a few reasons.

First, the debates have been less than admirable. I had high hopes for the debate process this time. Holding several televised debates, on different channels with different moderators, sounded quite promising. With each debate being assigned a different topic, I had hoped to learn more about where each candidate stood on each issue. I have not.

Instead I’ve learned that if you keep talking, the moderators will attempt to talk over you to regain control. I’ve deduced that even though candidates have agreed to the rules, they think it is okay to disregard them. I’ve seen that it’s acceptable for candidates to interrupt one another and break into shouting matches. I’ve determined that the media has more regard for some candidates than others. I’ve gathered that some candidates simply are not interested in answering questions so much as they are interested in reciting the quote that their staff members wrote for them.  I’ve witnessed that some candidates sound like broken records rather than visionaries.

Second, I’ve been disappointed in the supporters of many candidates. Supporters will say their candidate won regardless of the candidate’s actual performance. In other words, the bias toward their candidate determines their winner.

Furthermore, supporters have been the greatest mudslingers. While some of the candidates have refrained from senseless bickering, their fan base cannot seem to state why their candidate is the best for the job without burying opposing candidates in horse manure.

A politico I know has accused the Republican Party and its constituents of “acting like Democrats” in that the members have taken to bad mouthing candidates and their supporters. I disagree with that assessment. Democrats do a much better job of sticking together. Recall how their members rallied around President Bill Clinton when he had an extramarital affair. They did not throw their guy under the bus. Yet, Republicans do! How many social media rants have you read that slam one candidate or another? Keep in mind; we will need to cast our vote for the nominee, even if he or she is not our pick.

This election cycle has turned into a less than stellar season. The only exciting possibility on the horizon is the National Convention….to be held in…..Cleveland. Stay tuned.


~Temerity Dowell



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