People Repeat History

Islamic indoctrination continues to invade our public schools. If you disagree, you, gentle reader, are part of the problem.

Just last week it was reported that a high school in Illinois was holding a “Walk a Mile in her hijab” day. The Muslim Student Association sponsored the event (which was planned last spring, NOT in response to the recent terror attacks). Seventeen non-Muslim female students chose to participate.

I have no problem with a voluntary, student led activity such as this. This truly is the type of event that allows students the chance to learn more about another culture, religion, and society. As a homeschooling mom, I often guided my children as we participated in similar activities. We studied language, history, food, clothing, and the religious beliefs of many cultures. These lessons often culminated with a field trip or activity so that we could experience what we had learned first-hand.

My concern about the “Walk a Mile in her hijab” day is the lack of reciprocity. Did a Christian Student Association, or similar organization, get to hold a “Pick up my cross and follow me” day? Did the Catholic students have a chance to share information about a rosary? Were the Jewish students encouraged to have fellow students wear a yarmulke for a day? Probably not, on all counts, and there are reasons for this that concern me, too.

Why is it that the ten Muslim students in the school have formed an association, with the goal of sharing their religious beliefs with others, yet the Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, or any other faith, have not stepped up to do likewise? What are Muslims teaching their children about their faith that leads them to form such an organization and be so bold in their faith (yes, I know it is misguided)? Why aren’t other religions doing this? I remember the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in my high school was quite active in sharing their faith, although I graduated a few years ago. Do schools still permit such Christian organizations?

The second event recognized by the national media occurred at a high school in Greeneville, VA. Students were given the assignment to practice their calligraphy skills, a beautiful art, by writing the Islamic phrase “There is no god but Allah. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Even with my untrained eye, I can see that the Arabic language is one that lends itself easily to calligraphy. Such an assignment makes sense for high school art students. I question why the teacher chose a phrase regarding a religious belief. Surely there are other sentences and subject matters that could have been used.

Yet, this is exactly what indoctrination is. It comes when people are subjected to small amounts of information in seemingly benign matters. After all, what’s the harm in girls wearing a scarf around their head at school, or copying a sentence they can’t read anyway? No big deal, right?

Hitler operated in much the same way in the 1930’s. Completely changing the education system, Hitler engineered the takeover of the nation by overseeing what was taught and who taught it. Jewish teachers were fired, and female teachers were encouraged to resign and have babies. Those remaining were required to teach to a new set of standards, emphasizing a grand history of the nation, the importance of physical ability, and total obedience to those in authority. How did that work out for Germany?


~Temerity Dowell


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