Mamas and Presidents

Someday I’ll reach the point where nothing I see will surprise me. Today is not that day.

I really have tried to avoid social media today. I’ve tried to avoid the public, too. I figured everything I saw would be relative to either Veterans Day or post-debate spin. By the early evening, I figured that would all be over and it would be safe to go back in the water. The shark attack was waiting for me, though.

It’s really quite sad. A sweet woman, who is a former Republican elected official, and very conservative, has changed her Facebook posts to show that she is now supporting Bernie Sanders (If I’d been given a million years and a million guesses, I’d have never thought that sentence would be uttered about this woman.). I was stunned and disheartened. How can someone with a solid conservative political background, a former elected official, go from one extreme to another?

Simple. Her son is homosexual.

Both of the two major Democrat candidates are the only two who have spoken ardently in favor of homosexuality, including support of “gay marriage” (Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and I agree. For lack of a better term, I’m sticking with this one – always in quotation marks.). Of those two candidates, only one has lied repeatedly to the American public, so that left her to choose Sanders as her candidate.

I don’t understand why this has happened. I’d be lying if I said I did. I don’t understand what this mom is going through. I don’t understand her mindset. I’m also fairly certain that I will never exactly understand her situation. Therefore, I’m not going to act like I do understand it, and I’m not going to pass judgment.

What I do understand is how much a mom can love her son. My younger son is currently enduring the most difficult time of his life to date this week. If I had my way, I’d be with him standing on the sidelines cheering him on to victory, but protocol, and the US Marine Corp, prevents my presence.

So instead, I’m working the hardest I can to make sure that my sons’ lives are the best they can be. Since both of my children are in the military, I want them to have an incredible Commander in Chief to lead and direct them. I may not be able to pick who their local leaders are, but I can work diligently to see that their boss is the best man for the job.

While so many of my friends have already picked their candidate, I haven’t yet. They are working to elect the next president. I’m working to elect the guy that will make sure my sons are as safe as possible, have everything they will need to do their job effectively, and will never be sent needlessly into harm’s way. I want that person to be the very best one. My sons’ lives depend on it.

I don’t belittle my friend. In her mind, she is doing the same thing for her son that I’m doing for mine. She is going to be surprised, though. I’ll be working much harder for my candidate, when I find him, than she will be working to elect Sanders. We mamas love our sons.

~Temerity Dowell

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