K’s and Coffee

“Don’t go in there.”

“Why not?”

“Mom’s pulled out her copy of The Constitution and she’s watching the news.”

-A conversation I overheard from my sons

While that conversation took place several years ago, it could just as easily have happened today. I had not even had a cup of coffee yet (that is strike one) when I turned on the morning national news. The reporter stated that our president (anything with this president means another strike) has a different philosophy on leadership than that listed in The Constitution. We knew this, but what he said next brought about strike three.

The most recent lunacy is not a new one, however. The president has stated before that he feels the most important part of his leadership will be found in how he deals with the most important issue: climate change.

Apparently, the most important part of his presidency and leadership has nothing to do with terrorism, radical Islam, $18 trillion in national debt, an underfunded national defense, illegal immigration, porous borders, or anything else that is working to destroy our nation.

The most important thing to him is saving the world from its natural cycle of heating and cooling. Of course, we could be saved from the burgeoning carbon dioxide levels if everyone would simply quit exhaling. Just don’t even concern yourself with the fact that no living plant can survive without carbon dioxide. Plants, you understand, are the things that convert carbon dioxide to oxygen.

We could also require that everyone ride bicycles or walk rather than driving cars in an attempt to reduce carbon dioxide. But then, when people exert themselves by riding bicycles or walking, they exhale more carbon dioxide than they do while sitting in a car.

Mr. President, please go focus on something worth our focus, like national security. Meanwhile, I’m going back for another cup of coffee.

~Temerity Dowell

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