Hand-Picked Presidents

“If Donald Trump wins the nomination, will you vote for him in the general election?” asked a friend on social media this morning.

In reply, someone stated, “I vote, but I also am not so drunk on the Kool-aid that I believe our votes matter.  If they did we wouldn’t be stuck with an America-hating-pig like Obama. Don’t blame me because you can’t see the forest for the trees.”

“No Kool-aid, just facts. We got Obama for 8 years because people stayed home,” my friend retorted.

“No, we got Obama because it’s who ‘they’ wanted in office.  And by ‘they,’ I don’t mean voters.  I mean those who run this country with no regard for the citizens. I get what you are saying.  I’ve just simply lost faith in our country and never had any in our government,” stated the forlorn voter.

They are both right. My friend knows the statistics and is well aware that Republican voters have stayed home in the last two presidential elections, allowing Barack Obama to win the presidency easily.  However, the gentleman arguing knows that our nominees have already been selected for us. He is right, too. Unless there is a huge change in plans of the Kingmakers, the Republican Party nominee will be Jeb Bush.

This is not the first time I’ve shared this information. The facts have been released, as early as last December. A meeting was held at a penthouse apartment in Manhattan last year in which people who have access to more money than you, your families, your friends, and I, all put together, will ever have decided that Jeb Bush was their man.

Of course, most likely at the same dinner meeting, Hillary Clinton was selected to be the Democratic nominee, too.

You really can’t make this stuff up! And I’m not.

The founder of Eagle Forum has released this information to the public every election cycle for decades. It is the least best kept secret of the election years. However, few people pay attention to it. Fewer people know how to respond appropriately when they learn this.

In order for you to understand the significance of the Kingmakers, how much power and money they really have, and how influential they have been in the election process since the 1940’s, you must read the recently re-released book by Phyllis Schlafly, “A Choice, Not an Echo” (No, I am not making a single penny from pitching this book. It is one of the top five books I’ve ever read.)

This group of men has hand selected the party nominees, both Republican and Democrat, since World War II. They have access to the necessary publicity outlets to promote the candidates. Think about this: How is it that a past governor of Florida, who is clearly despised by the average Republican due to his position on many issues, who only had name recognition because of his father and brother, suddenly starts getting invited to be the keynote speaker at major events? He was living in obscurity, except for the occasional sound bite that angered his own party, yet his face has been on major media outlets calling him the “clear frontrunner.”

In order for you to learn exactly how this has happened during the last seventy years, you’ll have to read the book. What I will post here, though, is how to overcome the elections of these hand-picked presidents.


The only exceptions to this system were the Republican Party nominees in 1964 and 1980. Unfortunately, Barry Goldwater was defeated by LBJ in 1964. The Kingmakers tried to get Ronald Reagan to come to their side, but the best finagling they could do was to get George Bush Sr. on the ticket with Reagan. The reason Reagan was elected is easily attributed to the thousands of volunteers across the nation who worked, showed up, talked with voters, and worked more. It was the efforts of these volunteers that swayed the election, nothing more, and nothing less.

We cannot afford to let another hand-picked president get elected. The White House doesn’t belong to the wealthy. It belongs to the people. But the only people who are going to take possession of it are those who are willing to work, show up, talk to voters, and work more. The state of our nation depends on it.

~Temerity Dowell

To order “A Choice, Not an Echo,” go here: http://www.eagleforum.org/order/book/  It will be the best $15 you’ve ever spent.

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