The End of an Era?

The Confederate flag, which has flown over the Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina since the 1960’s, has been permanently removed. Racism must be over, right? Let’s all join hands and sing “Kum-ba-yah.”

Apparently, the removal of this flag will ensure that no white person will ever go into a building where black people have congregated and shoot them. At least, that is what seems to be indicated by the government of South Carolina.

Those witnessing the ceremony cheered wildly as the flag was removed by an honor guard of state troopers. Chants of “USA” erupted across the field as the flag was rolled and zip tied. Then the singing began (Why is there always singing when something stupid is taking place?). “Hey, hey, hey, Good-bye.”

We cannot deny that the shooting, which took place three weeks ago, was abominable. The taking of another’s life, except in cases of self-defense, is inexcusable. However, it is difficult to understand exactly how the removal of a piece of American history can possibly change anything about the situation.

Will no one ever murder a person of another race again because the flag was removed?

Will racism end because the flag was removed?

Will our history, the good or the bad, be erased from our memory or from actuality because the flag was removed?

Lowering that flag accomplishes nothing more than giving people a “feel good” moment. Tomorrow, someone from one race will murder someone of another race somewhere. How will the people feel then?

While history may be changing through the work of our federal Department of Education and the Common Core State Standards, the truth of our history will not go away. Since time travel is not possible, we cannot go back and erase the actions, events, and people from our past.

Will racism end? Not so long as we require people to answer questions regarding their race on applications for jobs, applications for college, and even forms at the doctor’s office*. Racism will not end as long as Equal Opportunity laws require that employers hire someone of a specific race rather than the best applicant for the job. Racism will not end when the prevailing dogma of a presidential election is that we can elect our first black president.

It seems that those on the left, who profess to be opposed to racism, are the very ones who advocate and endorse it. Organizations like the NAACP are the ones who are calling for the hiring of more blacks rather than asking that the color of an applicant’s skin not be a qualifying factor. If racism is to end, then we must make race irrelevant by removing such questions from applications, as well as Equal Opportunity laws.

How will Al Sharpton, et al, react to that?

In truth, racism is going to be a part of our national persona so long as those of minority races want it to be. I just wonder, how will they respond when they are no longer in the minority? Just a thought: Will whites be given the same protections under the law then that minorities are now?


~Temerity Dowell


*Keep in mind that there are some diseases and illnesses that are largely specific to one race or ethnicity, such as sickle cell anemia.

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