A Dangerous Path

“Actions always have consequences!” ― Joel Coen, A Serious Man

When we take action, there is always a natural outcome to that action. You flip a switch, a light comes on. You say something unkind, a relationship is broken. There is always a consequence, whether good or bad.

In considering the action taken by the Supreme Court recently when they legalized gay marriage in all fifty states, one must wonder, what are the consequences? Where will this trail take us?

Just since the SCOTUS decision legalizing gay marriage was handed down, we have been bombarded with a litany of stupidity. It really should come as no surprise that any of the following have occurred. Desperate people will resort to desperate measures. Some, however, are more desperate than others.

  1. In states in which gay marriage had been illegal, there was no need for gay divorce. On July 26th, just hours after the decision was handed down from on high, a gay woman in Clarksville, TN filed the application for divorce from her gay wife. Apparently, the other wife had been having an affair with another woman in Missouri.
  2. Think about this: If the current divorce rate among heterosexual couples is roughly 50%, what will the divorce rate among homosexual couples be? What does that look like in raw numbers? As an example only (I have no accurate numbers), let’s say that the 50% of heterosexual couples represents one million couples. That’s two million attorneys who are making money from the divorces. How much more will they make with homosexual divorces? Who really stands to profit with the legalization of gay marriages? Food for thought, you decide.
  3. Across states that had gay marriage forced upon them, county clerks, who are assigned the duty of administering marriage licenses, are refusing to provide them for gay couples. Many who are being forced to provide the licenses are still refusing to perform the wedding ceremonies.  Legally, county clerks do have to provide the license, but not the ceremony. Other county officials are following suit.
  4. One county clerk in Mississippi resigned from her position, choosing to abide by her religious beliefs. In TN, all of the employees in a county clerk’s office turned in resignations.
  5. A man in Billings, MT, applied for a second marriage license. He practices polygamy and married his first wife, after having obtained the appropriate license, in 2000. He and his second wife had a religious ceremony in 2007, but have no license. He stated that since gay marriage was now legal in the state, then polygamy should be also. The county clerk is consulting with the county attorney.

Recently, pedophilia was classified as a type of sexual orientation. That’s opposed to the crime of child molestation, which is what it actually is. This week we learned of the family of a four-year-old child who has decided he wants to be a she. The parents are fully supportive of his change of sexual identity. One wonders, have the words “four-year-old” and “sexual identity” ever been stated in the same sentence in all of human history?

It’s time to be concerned about the natural consequences of the actions of our Supreme Court.

~Temerity Dowell






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