June 1st, In the Year of our Lord 2015

It has been very tempting to ignore the news over the weekend. The weather was nice and a good walk was in order rather than time wasted on the news.

But then the sun came up on Monday and it just couldn’t be ignored any more.

I began with a couple of hours of windshield time and just couldn’t endure talk radio that early on a Monday. Instead, every half hour I did try to pay attention to the news in between the Top 40. That was easier to take in at such an early hour. However, even if I had heard these headlines in the early afternoon, it wouldn’t have been any easier to endure.

First up was that our Secretary of State John Kerry had a bicycle accident and broke his leg. He was taken to a hospital in Switzerland where the leg was set and put in a cast. The last I heard, Kerry was on his way back to the US.

And then it came to me – Secretary Kerry is neck deep right now in nuclear talks with Iran, other meetings with Spanish leaders, and talks in Paris about fighting Islamic State terrorists. Apparently these meetings have been going well, but are certainly unfinished. Yet, Kerry is on his way home.

Don’t misinterpret this. I do wish Secretary Kerry a speedy recovery. A large bone break can be very painful and his does present the possibilities for complications. However, I’ve known other leaders with broken bones and other ailments who sought the treatment they needed then went back to the boardroom for the next meeting. Those meetings were mostly political in nature. The ones that Kerry is skipping involve international safety! What is he thinking?

But then the next story was aired on my radio.

Senator Lindsey Graham has finally decided to be more than 91% sure and has officially declared his candidacy for president.

Why? We already have 8 other candidates, who are all claiming to be the greatest thing since mayonnaise in a jar, who are running. Why on earth does Senator Graham need to run? What does he bring to the table that none of the other candidates bring? What is on his platform that none of the other candidates have already said? What experience does he have that none of the other candidates don’t?

Lindsey Graham: just what the Republican Party doesn’t need in the next race – one more person to have on the debate stage to take up time, one more person on the ballot for people to argue about, and one more person who is as lukewarm as a bucket of spittle that doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hades of winning. Oh goody!

But then came the highlight of the day.

Former gold medal decathlete Olympian Bruce Jenner is on the cover of Vanity Fair appearing as Caitlyn, his new female persona. I had to hit social media and see how this one was being played. One friend is compiling a list of reasons that ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner will never be a middle-aged woman (it’s really quite funny and includes that Jenner will never endure hot flashes, will never know what to tell the hairdresser, and won’t have reason to set up a pelvic exam with the OB/GYN). One friend stated that his 8 year old son said that there were already millions of ugly women in the world and asked why we needed one more? You’ve got to love social media.

A broken leg and abandoned nuclear talks, one more lukewarm presidential candidate, and a man/women who hasn’t looked between his/her legs lately to see what’s there – all on the news today.

You really can’t make this stuff up.


~Temerity Dowell

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