Week in Review

It’s been very difficult to write anything this week. It has not been due to a lack of a topic. I’ve actually started several posts. They each remain incomplete in my draft file, perhaps never to be seen again. Why? Because writing about the stupidity that has run amuck this week does little good and accomplishes only raising my blood pressure and making me speak aloud to my computer.

On Monday, we learned that John Hinckley Jr. is working toward a full release from the mental institution in which he has resided since he was given a mental pass for his attempt on President Ronald Reagan’s life. Turns out that Hinckley is only at the facility 17 days each month. The rest of the time he is at home and often leaves there to go to see a movie. That’s an interesting sentence for someone who attempted to kill a US president. But I couldn’t write about that.

On Tuesday, the US Senate, in their infinite wisdom, voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General. You should know that the US Senate is held by Republicans. It is the role of congress to help contain the powers of the government and stop federal government overreach. Yet they just confirmed a woman who is convinced that President Obama has not usurped any authority that he doesn’t already have. Really? No wonder I couldn’t write about that.

Meanwhile, we learned that Hillary Clinton had done even more nefarious deeds while serving as the Secretary of State. As if the Benghazi scandal wasn’t enough (and it was!) we’ve now learned that now Presidential Candidate Clinton also oversaw 1/5 of the US uranium production being handed over to Russia. Uranium is necessary for the production of nuclear weapons and we handed it to our long-time rival. I would have had a stroke trying to write about that.

On Thursday, General David Patraeus was sentenced to two year’s probation for giving classified information to his mistress and his biographer. Let’s not discuss that further.

On Friday, millions watched at as former decathlete Bruce Jenner claimed, “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” I did not watch the interview. I try to never watch when people wallow about in stupidity. Yet one wonders how he could have been “confused” about his identity for the last 30 years when he was an Olympic gold medalist in what is arguably the most taxing sport, was having facial and chest hair removed (the implication being that he HAD facial and chest hair), and continues to have a penis. Wake up, Bruce! You’re a man!! And that is all I can write about that.

It was not a slow news week. All evidence is to the contrary. However, it was an absurd news week. It should be abundantly clear how I feel about each of these issues.

Here’s hoping for a better week to come….


~Temerity Dowell

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