Dear America

Dear America,

Unless you have been living under a rock, on a deserted island, or have been in a coma for the last month, you have probably noticed that presidential hopefuls are stepping into the spotlight. For the last two presidential elections, Americans have largely responded stupidly to this important event. Swayed by promises of free benefits and other rewards, voters en masse went to the polls and voted for the candidate who offered them the most. So, one must ask, how’s that ‘free’ health care and ‘free’ cell phone working out for you now?

We heard Candidate Obama and his wife say that their goal was to “fundamentally transform America” and to “change our history.” These quotes were heard many times on television, the evening news, radio, and links could be found to the clips all over the internet and social media outlets. How’s that fundamental transformation and the changing of our history working out?

Well, our country has fundamentally changed. Our national debt has doubled. Our military and national defense has been gutted. We give more money than ever before to countries who would hate us at no charge. Our national borders are now porous. Terror cells are set up in every state and members come and go freely. The religion of Islam is valued above Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all the others put together. Public schools are not run by local authorities but by national and federal entities.

Thanks to these entities, our national history, and our future, has been changed. Common Core State Standards have been written and developed by non-educational professionals who know very little (if anything) about childhood development, good educational standards, educational sequence, and have no actual teaching experience. Furthermore, these writers have written standards based on their own biases rather than what is actually true. The terrorists on the 9/11 flights are now referred to as ‘freedom fighters.’ American history is only interpreted through the lens of minority and fringe groups (think blacks, women, immigrants, etc.) rather than offering what actually happened. Math standards will dumb down our children by making simple math computations so difficult that no one can do them, nor will they be expected to give a single correct answer. And rather than reading great literature, children will now be reading government manuals, restaurant menus, and text materials that will help brainwash them in areas such as sex education, morals, and other leftist propaganda.

Now how is that fundamental transformation and the changing of our history working out for you?

So America, as we come into yet another round of elections in this presidential cycle, I strongly urge you to pay attention this time. Listen carefully as candidates speak. We often think they are lying or misleading us. Barack Obama didn’t have to lie or mislead. He said what he was going to do. The average voter simply surrounded his words with a glossy overlay and believed he had their best interest in mind. He did not. He said what he was going to do – fundamentally transform America and change our history. Just to be sure, he also said that in times of trouble, he would “stand with his Muslim brothers.” Did you hear that, too?

Candidates and potential candidates are already stepping up to the microphone. Listen carefully. Recently, Marco Rubio stated, in Spanish, that he was for amnesty for illegal aliens. There is nothing gray in that statement!

Everyone who runs for the presidency does not have the best interest of our nation in mind. Having an ‘R’ after his or her name does not make a candidate great. Even the Republican pool of candidates has vastly different ideologies. The line “anyone with an R after their name” just doesn’t work anymore. But you will not know the difference if you do not carefully listen to what these men and women say.

This election is too important to listen only for the free cell phone opportunities. Pay attention.



Temerity Dowell

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