Where’s the Duct Tape when you need it?

You can fix uneducated. You can fix ill-informed. But you cannot fix stupid.

In politics, you get to hear a lot of stupid stuff. Recently I wrote about a legislator asking the question, “What do you expect the possible impact to be when the health department inspects these facilities?” regarding abortion clinics. Gee, I don’t know. Maybe the abortion facilities would actually be clean and safer for women? Maybe you could make sure that everyone there was actually licensed to do their job legally? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

But that stupid question was not the end of the debate. This week Planned Parenthood brought in their own “expert witness” to testify in regards to a bill concerning informed consent and waiting periods. This ‘expert’ is an abortion doctor within the state who regularly performs surgical abortions on women. Regardless of how one might feel regarding this issue, one would still legitimately expect that a medical doctor who claims to be licensed would have at least a modicum of intelligence. Alas, it is not so.

During her testimony, Dr. Smith (yes, I’m changing the names to protect the guilty this time) stated, “Abortions are actually safer than carrying a pregnancy.”

On what planet?

If this were even remotely true, I would bet that the planet on which we reside would not be filled with some 8 billion people! If pregnancy wasn’t as safe as an abortion, wouldn’t most of the mothers of these 8 billion people have aborted some more of these babies? If this really is true, then most women would not be willing to take the ‘risk’ of being pregnant. And yet humans continually carry pregnancies to full term and have beautiful and healthy babies every day of the week, month, and year!

So then, in order for leftists to decrease the population on our “overcrowded” planet, wouldn’t aborting babies be a promotional event?

But wait a minute! The earth isn’t actually overcrowded! True, it’s not. But you can’t fix stupid.

If this lie weren’t enough, there was another. Dr. Smith also indicated that an abortion was as safe as a facelift or a colonoscopy. Really? Just how safe is that? Do people who are permanently disfigured from a facelift think it is so safe? What about my family member who had a colonoscopy performed and nearly did not wake up from the anesthesia? Just like any surgery, there are risks associated with facelifts and colonoscopies. No surgery, including an abortion, is completely without risk. NONE!

Therefore, there is no such thing as a ‘safe abortion.’ Furthermore, there is absolutely NO evidence anywhere that proves that it is safer to have an abortion than to have a baby.

What to do about this? There’s not much. Stupid people will hear such a statement and buy into it without looking at any fact or logic.

As I saw recently in a Facebook post, “Even duct tape can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.”

~Temerity Dowell

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