Retail therapy, Government, and the Weather (all rolled into one neat little package)

Stopping for some ‘retail therapy’ a couple of days ago led to an interesting conversation. I had spent all day at our state capitol following bills and meeting with legislators. It was very hectic, and very exciting! As exhausted as I was, the store I wanted to go to is quite a drive from home, so it was really in the interest of conserving gas and saving an extra trip that I decided to go shopping that day.

This is a fabulous little shop. The two sweet little ladies actually help you try on the clothing you are considering buying. They measure you and bring the exact correct size to your dressing room, then they help you slip it on and make sure the fit is flawless. They won’t let you leave the store if it is less than perfect.

While one woman was helping me to slip into something, we began chatting about the work I do. When I told her I had spent the day at the capitol with some students teaching them about how the government is run, she opened up. She stated that her state senator didn’t listen to her anymore. Having a personal knowledge of almost all our state senators, I asked her which one it was. I can’t imagine those I know well choosing not to listen to a constituent. She then told me the name “Senator Smith” (yes, I do change the names here to protect the innocent, and sometimes the guilty, too).

This lady further explained that she was a liberal. Oh, now I get it! Senator Smith has been called the Iron Lady in my state. While I don’t think that assessment is entirely accurate (she is sponsoring one bill for which she needs a smack on the head!) she is staunchly conservative. But even then, she is also reasonable and will listen to people with a valid argument.

This kind store clerk then explained that she had two adult children, both conservatives. “We never can talk about politics when we get together,” she stated. It didn’t take me long, even as tired as I was, to figure out why her children had grown up to become conservatives. As you well know, the liberal argument is one built on a faulty foundation. Apparently she had raised her sons to think for themselves, so they did.

It also didn’t take me long to figure out why Senator Smith no longer listened to this woman. Her demeanor completely changed when she was talking about political issues. I had to quickly change the topic back to my clothing choices in order to keep her focused.

I rarely talk politics or issues with people I don’t know well. I simply don’t enjoy public debate. Besides, most liberals don’t want to legitimately debate an issue anyway. They just want to make you feel stupid for your conservative opinions. At least that’s been my experience. I never told this woman that I, like her sons, was a conservative. I just didn’t feel like beating my head against the wall that afternoon.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided that I don’t like one of the items I bought, so I have to take it back. Maybe we can talk about the weather?

~Temerity Dowell

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