Tired of Tolerating Intolerance

When is enough finally going to be enough? When do we stop accepting the leftist agenda’s attacks on us as final? What will it take before we decide to quit allowing ourselves to be called racists, bigots, homophobes, and violent extremists?

This week the Young America’s Foundation student organization at George Washington University in Washington DC has been labeled as having an ““intolerance and a pattern of hate” for inviting former Sen. Rick Santorum, a conservative Republican, to speak.” The group has also asked to be excused from attending an LGBT sensitivity training and to be exempt from using “preferred pronouns” when addressing others.

Specifically, the Young America’s Foundation is asking for a religious exemption since they hold traditional values. However, the student government at GWU is refusing this exemption since the group is a political one, not religious.

Allied in Pride, a campus LGBT group, has publicly stated that the refusal to use preferred gender pronouns should be “considered an act of violence and a violation of the non-discrimination clause required in all GW student organizations’ constitutions.”

We’d better send in the SWAT team to stop the YAF group – their hatred and refusal to use the word “it” rather than “he” could cause a grammar war to break out! Some people simply look for ways to get offended.

Others actively seek out opportunities to be offended. They ask leading questions and dangle bait to see if a conservative will bite with the “wrong” answer. This is precisely what happened to Navy chaplain Lt. Commander Wes Modder. Last December, a junior grade officer who was an assistant in his office, showed up with Equal Opportunity representatives. Modder states that this assistant had constantly been asking him questions regarding homosexuality. Modder had no idea that the assistant was gay and married to another man. He was looking for ways to be offended. This could very well cost LCDR Modder his exemplary career of 19 years.

When do we decide that we’ve had enough? Why must we continue to play defense under the thumb of the politically correct leftist activists rather than going on the offensive and standing for what is right?

Why doesn’t the LGBT community have to sit through a sensitivity training on how to get along and play well with others? Why doesn’t the homosexual assistant to the chaplain simply do his own job and mind his own business?

There are plenty of people who disagree with my positions on issues. And while I’m right and they are wrong, I don’t insist that they attend “conservative school” and have their brain reprogramed. It’s America, and you can be wrong if you want! If I don’t like your position, I may try to debate you. I may make you aware of information to which you don’t have access. I may forward you an internet link so that you can research the topic better and maybe chose to change your position. But I’m NOT going to file a lawsuit against you or demand you be removed from your job just because we disagree.

I’m also not going to tolerate your intolerance of me and my positions. It’s my America, too, and I am well within my God-given rights to take any position on any issue that I chose. Today, I chose to exercise that right.

Temerity Dowell



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