Don’t Shoot!

Conservatives really need to quit shooting their own!

One of the best things that Democrats do is support one another. When Bill Clinton was in the midst of impeachment and sordid love affairs, the Democrats didn’t speak ill of him. The D after his name was all they needed to know to pledge their undying support. He was one of the club and they absolutely had his back. While I completely disagree with the entire political dogma of the Democrat Party, supporting one another is easily their best attribute.

This possibly accounts for why the Democrat Party remains so strong. Even when they may disagree with one another on policy or they have personal matters to overcome, they do not publicly speak poorly of another Democrat.

Why don’t conservatives understand this? They are often quick to publicly point out any disagreement that they have with other conservatives. Because conservatives are well-informed and well educated, their public slams can be a devastating blow to another true conservative. As conservatives, we don’t have to resort to a personal attack. We use logic to defeat our opponents. We have the right message. The problem is we are attacking someone who may be needed later to promote our own message.

It’s nearly that time of the election cycle again when we will be electing a new president. While few have publicly stated that they are running, there are many potential candidates in the field. Their positions on the major issues range from ultra-liberal to staunch conservative – yet the candidates to whom I refer all have an R after their name. Establishment RINO-type Republicans want to see the moderate candidate elected, while the Tea Party groups are hoping for a more conservative candidate.

There a many establishment Republicans. There are also many Tea Party Republicans. The establishment is going to pick one candidate, most likely Jeb Bush, to support. They will throw millions of dollars in his campaign coffers and escort him around the country to speaking engagements. He will be treated like the heir to the throne.

Meanwhile, Tea Party Republicans are going to pick 6 different candidates to support. In their division, they will throw money into 6 different political bank accounts. While each of their respective candidates are speaking, each Tea Party group will only cheer for the candidate of their choice and not listen to any of the others. Furthermore, when asked about any of the candidates they don’t support, Tea Party leaders and activists will use their knowledge and logic skills to excoriate even the very best candidates over even the very smallest issues.

United we stand; Divided we fall. This is the perfect pattern needed to ensure defeat of the conservative Republican. It works every time! History doesn’t repeat itself, people repeat history. It’s the same mess we’ve put ourselves in since Reagan left office. The true conservatives are divided over their candidate choice, so the RINO Republicans get their candidate nominated. When things go well, we manage to elect the RINO in November. When things go poorly, we elect the Democrat. This is exactly what happened in 2008 and 2012 with McCain and Romney.

Republicans have the ability to annoy me faster than Democrats. With a Democrat, I always know what to expect – they will act in a manner to promote a liberal philosophy. Republicans, however, have a wide range of philosophies and their words and actions can be baffling. Although we need to know the truth about more liberal Republicans, we need to be careful as to how we share that information with others. This doesn’t mean we must pledge our undying support to any idiot on the ballot with an R after their name. It does mean that, if we are to achieve the goals we have, sometimes we are going to have to work with some we don’t like.

Two points need to be made here. First, conservatives are supposed to be the good guys, but none of them are perfect. I’ve heard one woman say, “Jesus Christ is not on the ballot.” There is no perfect candidate, ever on any ballot for any office anywhere. You are always voting for the lesser of the evils since man is imperfect. Since they are all imperfect, none of them will be perfect (yes, you read that correctly). So don’t go around screaming that John Doe is the perfect candidate and Joe Smith is the devil. They are both imperfect men. Let’s not waste our energy in slamming either one of them when they are both conservatives.

The second point is that Joe Smith may stay in the race longer than John Doe. Joe Smith may even become the nominee rather than Robbie Rino. Then who would you rather vote for, Joe Smith or the Democrat? So before you start slamming any conservative, decide whether or not you are willing to eat your words in a few months.

Conservative Republicans really do have the right message and we should share it. People want to hear it. The voting public is generally pro-business, pro-lower taxes, pro-smaller government, pro-life, and pro-traditional marriage (I hate that phrase, but you know what I mean). While the establishment GOP is talking about an open tent and “Opportunity for All,” we conservatives need to remember that we can accomplish more INSIDE the tent than outside of it.

Forming a viable third party at this point will not work. Our best chance to change our nation is to stay in the tent and talk to people. We need to get those who share our values in the tent with us and encourage them to bring more like them inside. Just as the Communists infiltrated the Democrat Party, the Tea Party and conservatives can control the Republican Party if we are willing to do the work and quit bad mouthing people over small disagreements.

Finally, we need to remember that we agree more than we disagree with the RINO’s. We have a real enemy and it is not a liberal Republican. When we have a disagreement with someone, it is often helpful to find those areas in which we have common ground first. When we see the shared values and position on issues, it often makes discussing those areas on which we disagree more palatable.

Temerity Dowell 



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