Would the Real Leader Please Stand Up?

“If ISIS members had decent jobs, they wouldn’t be beheading Christians.”

In the field of logic, the above sentence is called a conditional statement (it’s a bad one, but I’ll get to that in a moment). The first part of the sentence states a condition or requirement. The second part of the sentence indicates the result of that condition. So if that condition is fulfilled then the result will occur. Therefore, if ISIS members meet the condition of having a decent job, then the result is that they will not behead any more Christians.

So let’s open a Starbuck’s and McDonald’s in Mosul, Iraq and Raqqah, Syria and we’ll be just fine.

Now do you understand why the premise is a bad one? Yet this is the statement given on CNN by State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Marie Harf. Apparently our State Department is under the impression that, “We cannot kill our way out of this war.” So her recommendation is that we instead provide lessons in governing and good jobs to these terrorists. Then they will stop beheading our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What she, and the State Department, fails to realize is that money is not a problem to terrorists. ISIS does not need to hold a raffle or bake sale in order to supply their insurgents with weapons. It is funded by wealthy sheiks as well as some uncaring American businesses. Many of the top leaders are very wealthy. Additionally, there are thousands of charities in the Muslim world, illegal drug trades, and many front companies which all fund terrorist organizations. They are hardly looking for pennies to buy a gun when they can fund the purchase of thousands of them.

Terrorists don’t need jobs, they have them. In a Washington Times article by Guy Taylor on October 23, 2014, David S. Cohen, Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, stated that “with the exception of a handful of state-sponsored militant groups, {ISIS} is likely to be the “best-funded terrorist organization” Washington has ever faced, raising $1 million a day from black-market oil sales, $20 million in ransoms over the past year and millions a month through extortion in Syria and Iraq.”

I really don’t think they need a Starbucks or McDonald’s.

Solving the problem of terrorism is not about a jobs program. Nation building will not work in a nation that refuses to use their funds to build roads, jobs, or an honorable government. Instead, they build hatred and use their funds to encourage it.

The indoctrination begins when children are very young. In elementary school young students are taught poetry that declares the evil of the infidel and all Americans. They will recite this at school programs. These are the same types of programs in which your child is singing “Jingle Bells” or doing a tap dance routine. Parents are there and they cheer loudly for the child who does the best dramatic presentation of their poem. “I will rise up to bomb the infidel! Yes, I will kill him! I will kill him!” they scream and stomp about the stage. I don’t think that child will be interested in flipping burgers when he graduates.

Yet, the American administration continues to whistle a happy tune while Christians are being burned in cages or beheaded. When Chris Matthews heard this statement on his live broadcast, he appeared stunned at the stupidity of it, but he did not call out Harf for her shallow simplicity. A good friend stated to me earlier today, “When we have Muslim leaders like Al-Sisi & Assad protecting Christians and taking revenge on ISIS and our government does nothing, I am not going to laugh and make fun and dream up jobs for ISIS.” She asked to remain anonymous, so I’ll just say that she is one sharp cookie.

My friend understands the logic. She has done her homework and understands that jobs are the last thing that ISIS needs. What they need instead is a real leader, such as Jordan’s King Abdullah, who will step up and put a stop to this. While our president is on a golf course or practicing his “selfie” technique in the Oval Office, Abdullah jumped in a fighter jet and was more concerned with running out of ammunition or fuel before he could destroy those who killed his countryman.

Would the real leader please stand up?

Temerity Dowell

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/oct/23/isis-best-funded-terrorist-group-earth-treasury/#ixzz3S3nyqVqV


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