It’s an AMERICAN court

It really just makes sense. When you have a court of law in a specific state or nation, then only the laws written in that state or nation, by officials elected by the citizens of that state and/or nation, should be applicable.

It’s the rule of law, not the rule of man. This is the only way to guarantee that, potentially at least, everyone is playing by the same rules. No one can “throw a curve ball” at you and require you to abide by a law about which you don’t know.

Of course, it is incumbent upon the citizen to know the laws of their state and nation. Some will try to use this as an excuse, “I didn’t know that law.” Nevertheless, it is our responsibility as citizens to abide by the rules and laws of our community, state and nation. It really isn’t as hard as it seems. This is proven in that most people don’t break laws on a regular basis. Most people simply live a decent life and their only foray into violation of law is speeding on the highway.

The code of laws in your state and the US isn’t the problem, though. We have a problem when the laws are brought in from foreign nations and entities. While we may be unfamiliar with the laws of neighboring states, these are most often not so rigorous as to cause a major issue. The laws from outside of the US are another matter altogether.

These foreign laws are often built upon a religious dogma or other foundation with which we are unfamiliar. The reason we are familiar with the laws in our nation, and even in other states, is that they were written based upon theology, doctrines, and even mindsets with which we are familiar and have encountered all of our lives. Foreign laws introduce new concepts that make little or no sense to us since they are based upon an ideology we don’t know.

While it is not the only one, Sharia law is an example of this. Sharia law is Muslim law and is based upon the Muslim’s belief system that is outlined in the Qur’an, Sunna, and Hadith. Have you read these books? Have you even heard of these books? Do you know anything about them and what they contain?

The only reason I do is because I pay attention to government and political affairs. Before I did that, I had never heard of them. Most people never have. So to ask people to apply Sharia law to their life is absurd.


There are some Muslims in the US who want to live by Sharia law and ask the state and US courts to apply only those laws to their case. Yes, these are US courts that are in place to care for matters in the US and the states for US citizens. The judges simply lose their minds and agree to apply laws with which they are most likely unfamiliar since they were written in another nation and are based upon a belief system with which few people are aware.

If your blood pressure isn’t escalating, it may be about to. I recommend a glass of wine.

Let me share this from Dr. Bill Warner’s website,

Forced sex The wife must have sex whenever her husband demands it. m5.1 It is obligatory for a woman to let her husband have sex with her immediately when: (a) He asks her; (b) At home; (c) She can physically endure it.

Wife Beating The Koran says that a wife can be beaten. Mohammed recommended wife beating in his last sermon at Mecca. Here is the Sharia:

DEALING WITH A REBELLIOUS WIFE m10.12 When a husband notices signs of rebelliousness in his wife whether in words as when she answers him coldly when she used to do so politely. or he asks her to come to bed and she refuses, contrary to her usual habit; or whether in acts, as when he finds her averse to him when she was previously kind and cheerful), he warns her in words without keeping from her or hitting her, for it may be that she has an excuse.

The response I’ve heard from some people concerning this is that these laws will never be applied to them since they are not Muslims. Au contraire! In order to understand this fully, I recommend that you study this matter far more in depth than I can offer here. For now, you should know that Islamic history has proven that when the Muslim population reaches a certain number, the Muslims begin demanding more rights. This is why some city streets in larger places are actually closed for Muslim prayers during parts of the day; and it explains why some public buildings and airports now have foot washing stations. As the population grows, the demands increase and require public funding. Eventually the population in an area will be overtaken by Muslims who will then control the local government and public services. Your local court system may be next.

Don’t believe it? Look at France and England and other parts of Europe. There are some major cities with “no-go zones” in which the police and fire departments will not enter since Muslims run that district. So if you happen to be passing through and a crime is perpetrated against you, you will not receive any help from authorities. None. In England there are over 80 Sharia courts to handle the caseloads of the Muslim population. Don’t just believe it because you saw it here. Go do your own research.

How do we stop this? Well, some states are working toward that goal. In 2009, TN became the first state to enact “Tennessee Laws for Tennessee Courts” which requires that ONLY laws written in the state of TN or the United States can be used and enforced in every court in the state. Right on their heels, LA, AZ, KS, AL, OK, NC, and WA followed suit with similar laws and requirements for their court systems. Not only can Sharia law not be used in these courts, but no foreign law from a foreign nation or religious entity can be used.

Make sure you understand that this law is NOT discriminatory in nature. You can still be a Muslim in any state in the nation. For that matter, you can be a Buddhist, Zionist, Jewish, Taoist, or even a Druid. However, if you commit a crime in violation of a state or federal law, you will be prosecuted based only on those laws, not the laws from your home nation or based on your religious beliefs.

If you didn’t see your state listed above, now is the time to take action! Call your state legislators and find out why your state has not enacted this law. Then start working to get it passed. There are 42 states left that need to use some common sense to support their court systems. The rule of law is safer and fairer than the rule of man is. When men apply random laws, they can be applied indiscriminately. I’d much rather play by a set of rules common to all of us.

Temerity Dowell

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